Empowering Citizens Financially

One of the main areas I will focus on if elected will be to empower citizens in District 13 and HRM by giving them the opportunity to

 invest in their homes and communities.  In these uncertain times of COVID-19 and climate change, citizens need to have the flexibility to adapt to a radically changing environment. I will be looking to introduce policies that will strengthen or implement these opportunities by:


  1. Ride Sharing – Bring in Uber and Lyft to HRM and allow people the opportunity for full or supplementary income from their vehicles. It will lower the risk of drunk drivers by allowing more readily available and affordable options, and finally provide areas outside the peninsula a reliable source of transportation. There will be additional emissions with more drivers on the streets however this can be offset with a per ride fee ~$0.20 similar to other major Canadian cities with help from provincial government, or a monthly fee for each driver, with the option of a tax return based on how environmentally friendly the vehicle in use is.  I would propose the additional revenue generated from these ride sharing services to be used for the future infrastructure development around HRM).

  2. Secondary Suites - The current vacancy rate in HRM is 1%.  This results in low stock, and higher price tags, and is not only related to renters.  As someone who recently went through the process of buying and selling property, I am able to attest to the current state of the property market, and without policies that will address the vacancy issue we run the risk of a hyper competitive market, making it even more difficult for future generations to afford their own property.  By relaxing the regulations around secondary suites, the municipal government encourages more people to build rental units on their property and increase the vacancy rate in HRM to a healthier level, as well as providing residents with an additional source of income.

  3. Rezoning Residential Areas for Agricultural Use – This will allow constituents the opportunity to invest in their property for the purpose of producing and selling food, fibre or flora.  As someone who has worked first hand and witnessed the global food supply chain and how volatile it is, along with the rising cost of food over the last 15 years, the municipal government can provide residents with the opportunity to alleviate our food insecurity and generate additional income.

Other Priorities Include:

  1. Development of Safer, Smarter, Slower Streets in Residential Areas – White Hills Run currently has planned the introduction of speed bumps to slow traffic.  It is one of the main residential routes that run through Hammonds Plains, and I applaud the attempt to reduce speed in this area but I believe this is the incorrect measure for this area.  These bumps in other areas have done significant damage to vehicles and reduce emergency response times in situations where every second counts.  I would look to increase signage in these areas and look at complete stops on White Hills Run at many of the street intersections as an alternative measure. 

  2. Ensuring the Fire Department is Fully Funded to Address the Concerns of District 13 – With climate change comes unpredictable weather patterns and we will start to see more intense storms more frequently.  When this happens, the less densely populated areas will be hit the hardest, with an increase in fallen trees, and more residents left stranded for longer periods of time. It will be vital to ensure our emergency services are fully funded.